Soundtrack to the Struggle: Music Subsidy

-Alas, the dust is yet to settle
but the liquid fuel has dried.
-Nigeria Labour Congress is happy,
so many protesters have died.
-Turning in their graves, that is why
the dust will not settle soon.
-The living have been bamboozled,
there may be blood on the moon.
-The President, Boko Haram and their southern cousins
are filling their arsenal.
-Its a relief GEJ doesn’t control their
lives with decisions that are uniliateral.

I haven’t come accross music that was specifically addressing the recent Subsidy-removal issue in Nigeria. Any music that talked about oppression, injustice and tyranny was a perfect fit. There are too many of those anyway. And so these were the life energy of those NLC protests. Now they sound like that favorite song that you listened to on your date… just before you were raped.

Big ups to artists like Femi Kuti who were out from the start to oppose tyrany. Many Nigerian artists are only supporting the people when they make their late come-ins. By supporting people, protecting their record sales for the future when they need the people to “support” them.

In case you haven’t got a copy, here are two that were done specifically in response to the then incumbent situation. Courtesy of Black Sounds Inc. Listen to this to wipe the taste of defeat, to keep hope and whenever you want to shout F*** the Power! (Listen and Download the links below).

Suicidal Subsidy

Subsidy Blues


PS: Please leave as a comment for me name of any record that was done specifically for the Nigerian Subsidy Removal Issue


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