Iftar Flashmob Nigeria 2012 – Video

Well, Ramadan is over and I hope we all made the best of it. In a previous post, I introduced Iftar Flashmob catered for Nigerians by a Nigerian. Please read here it to familiarize yourself if you haven’t. We had fun with it and learnt one or two things about the average Nigerian worker at a bus stop (which sociologists might want to hola at us for).

We were able to capture only one usable video for one of our Iftar Flashmobs. This we have now compiled into something viewable below. But you should know two things: First, being that we had only one camera, the capture is centred on one party of Iftar-Flashmobsters; Second, some of the Iftar-Flashmob-Crew disapprove of music tracks (which I had a long line up of options) the video ended up simply with a freestyle guiding viewer. (Michael Bolton Jazz was no option, that would ve made it a Nollywood movie).



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2 responses to “Iftar Flashmob Nigeria 2012 – Video

  1. tavi

    it aint playing

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