Ramadan Diaries

This series is an attempt to explore how Ramadan is undermined and its spirit demonstrated, through the diaries of a typical Nigerian Muslim. It may apply to other Muslims too.

A week to Ramadan…
At the mosque. A break from office. The sermon reminded us about the blessings of Ramadan. We were encouraged to become better Muslims, FOR Ramadan. More than half the year is gone, but I haven’t paid the Mosque-dues we (are supposed to) pay monthly. Something has gotten into me, I feel the urge to pay all the months I have missed beFORe Ramadan. I could just pay next week, no harm done; FOR Ramadan. Sizzling with generosity and benevolence I think I will pay for the entire year in advance, next week; FOR Ramadan. That way I get the reward of paying mosque-dues in Ramadan, while others spread their payment through the year, as agreed by mosque officials. Yea right, I guess others weren’t as far-seeing as me; i delay my payment FOR Ramadan

Two days to Ramadan…
The Mosque is such a sanctuary. No noise, no clutter, the only thing missing is breeze of fresh air. We were again reminded of the “bonuses” that come with Ramadan and its “multiplier effect”. Every good deed done is multiplied a thousand times in heavenly reward; during Ramadan. Unfortunately every bad deed is also multiplied in punishment. That reminds me, I need to finish watching my un-watched TV series tonight because with some of these series, you never know when you’ll be ambushed with a sex scene. So I can’t afford to be doing that; during Ramadan. Perhaps I can, I just need to not-watch it during the day, that is before breaking of the fast. Regarding whether I can watch series after break-of-fast, I will enquire if the “multiplier effect” is in effect after break-of-fast. But I won’t ask my Mallam because he’ll know where I’m headed to, and may create an awkward situation. So I guess this is one of those times I will have to search the internet for answers to “Islamic” questions.
One more thing to note is my BlackBerry network. So much goes on behind my phone’s locked screen; clicking my keyboard all the way. Let us just keep locked screens locked, and mouths shut. It suffice to say that unlocking my phone, while subscribing to my Blackberry service, would be like unlocking Pandora’s box, with never ending stream of demons. Anyway flirting and gossiping are simply accusations because how can anyone really prove I do any of that, beyond reasonable doubt.

Second day of Ramadan…
WHAT! The mosque is filled to the brim. The mosque is no more a sanctuary, rowdy as a market. Peering over shoulders, I can see Hassan’s head towards the front row; when did Hassan start praying in the mosque?!
Stop musing… Crowded mosque. No space… Oh there is a space in that rear corner I could squeeze in. I’ll get in there even though it’s a hassle… Shoot! Someone just raced me to it. I guess I’ll pray outside even though this is not a Friday prayer; you don’t want to joke with the “multiplied” rewards of Ramadan, for praying in the mosque which is itself a “multiplied” single-prayer reward. Wow! multiple of multiple, imagine that! How rare! I am packing big this Ramadan.
Its the end of the prayer and the Imam has one or two sermons to share. I would go back to send that important mail but I need to “milk” this Ramadan even more so I’ll stick around for five minutes. The Imam is going on first about administration of the mosque… did I hear him well?! He just said that over 100 members of the mosque paid their dues yesterday. Are you kidding me?! They all waited for first day of Ramadan?! Members are quite smart afterall. The race for gathering heavenly reward is on! I think I’ll stay for the sermon 10 more minutes.

[To be continued]



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2 responses to “Ramadan Diaries

  1. muhammad umar

    This thing about effect of deeds during Ramadan do get up on people’s minds. Its something like a trend, or is it the devil being away? At the mosque in our estate, so it happened, one second we hardly fill up two “sahu” Ramadan comes we struggling to get a place on the floor outside Cuz even that mats are occupied.
    This had me thinking/wondering- where on earth are this guys coming from, have they been on Salat leave or something. Or maybe the Salat during Ramadan will cover up for loss or collective obligatory Salat…
    …Just can’t help to wonder

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