Courtship Template

Courtship Template Cover - v1.0

My dissatisfaction with the state of marriages in my immediate environment (Muslims, Nigerians) has led to preparing the work below. I would refrain from emphasizing that this is an issue of contemporary marriages alone, while neglecting the marriage-of-our-parents (former generations), which is praised but undeserving in my opinion. Like I said the intention is not to criticize marriages. However, because marriages of the past have not failed overtly, it does not mean they have succeeded either… I find it more truthful to say they have survived.  My belief is that the difference between a surviving marriage and a successful marriage is the amount of planning and effort put into it; all wrapped in the garment of sincerity and goodwill… and of course God’s blessings.

The work below is my first attempt at correcting this failed and surviving institution. It is titled Courtship Template. So far it has been received with minimum cynicism, Alhamdulillah. More importantly, feedback has been coming in and more is expected, and more is welcomed. While anticipating feedback, the first release has been tagged version 1.0.

Find below links to the first release of the Courtship Template. The two links are for a case where one is unavailable.

Courtship Template – Bilal Bugaje or here.




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  1. Faatimah

    This is very good. jazakAllah khayran. looking forward to the next version.

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