Predators On A Plane – Part 1

Perhaps the scariest flight I have been on. Not for the usual reasons; especially being from Nigeria where plane crashes appear like quarterly bulletins on news. Honestly, I’d prefer to be scared of plane crashes than what I went through; an experience I might have had alone on that scary flight. It was a thrilling experience.

Thriller movies can be distinguished from horror movies by watching out for a few things, even though the two genres are often mixed for optimum viewer experience. Horror films are more likely to have Thriller in them than the reverse. Horror films scare viewers with WHAT HAS HAPPENED. Thrillers scare viewers with WHAT COULD HAPPEN. Thrillers take advantage of your imaginations while Horrors express the imagination for you (even your worst fears). Thrillers can take casual situations, then mess with you mentally and psychologically. I found myself in Thriller movie last flight. Being both actor, producer and director, I can call it whatever I want; I call it Predators On A Plane!

My experience is a spinoff of the movie Snakes on Plane (acting Sam L Jackson). For those who don’t know what happened in the movie, here is a one-sentencer: A plane is hijacked by releasing lots of snakes on the plane and invoking their killer instincts by exposing them to a gas/chemical, until the snakes kill a particular passenger.. The movie is Horror in its essence by showing HOW passengers were killed, and Thriller only in WHO was to die next? It is important to note an underplayed aspect of the movie which is that the snakes had to be excited (with chemical) to get them to become willing killing machines. That is because snakes, contrary to common opinions, are not predators to humans. Humans are actually predators to snakes. Snakes to humans, are more than anything, a lethal nuisance; just like a sting ray and other poisonous nuisance. During my flight, there was actually a predator to humans on board! (at least that was what I saw) It was a carnivorous beast, which is often sighted in the Kenyan Safari. You would find this beast in groups… taking pictures of nature’s beasts. The predator on my flight is Human! Humans are perhaps the most dangerous predators to humans.

The predator was a man who looked 40+ years old. The prey was a girl who looked between 15 and 18 years old. So the predator I refer to has a sexual context. What evidence do I have for these assertions? To answer, I ask what evidence does one need to make a movie? A good Thriller is not about its factuality, it is about the emotions it invokes. A good movie gets us to reflect on all the emotions we experience and perhaps even make some adjustments in our lives. What follows is the thriller, as I saw it through my eyes.

Continue reading the second part here.


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