Drills, Fire Fighters and Breaking Doors

Thought experiments have been on my mind lately. I have become somewhat of a thoughtful thought scientist, or is that a philosopher? In spite of its fruits, philosophical discourse can potentially be quite alienating to many. This is a good reason to take on the pragmatic aspect of things.

It is a simple proposition, or recommendation, with inspiration from Fire Fighters. How pragmatic is that? On second thought, being I live in Nigeria, Fire Fighters are the most hopeless examples to base anyting on. During fire incidents, Fire Fighters that are fortunate to have functional fire trucks, might need to be “persuaded” to attended to your imminent emergency. And also, it is handy to carry a gallon of petrol in case the fuel tank of the fire truck is empty. On second thought, take 5 gallons; 3 for your emergency and 2 for the “station” to keep as a sign of good will.

Another thing to keep in mind with fire incidents is that we are not accustomed to fire drills. Even in some commercial buildings like offices, where such drills take place, it is not taken seriously. This means trouble for the day fire incidents take place; God forbid. We have faith in God, and the cherished instinct of the black man to have accelarated dashing capabilities in the slightest scent of danger in the air. You can trust that; even Black Americans are retained those genes I understand. In residential buldings, there is no drill per se, no regulations on fire alarms and extinguishers being enforced, no hope for the fire ridden building. But for every shadow, there is light somewhere, which is why you can count on your neighbourly neighbours to put as many buckets and hose they have as possible… well that was how I remembered it in the 90s. These days I won’t be surprised if some prefer to simply stand and flip out their phones to catch the best pic, which might just get them that popularity they so aim to achieve on social media. What happened to us as a people?! GSM and Facebook… I guess.

If it is not obvious at this point, I think a person’s best bet is to get themselves prepared for fire incidents in residential area by taking a leaf from this post. Make sure you find out, about the nearest Fire Station close to you, obtain a vehicle (that has a decent storage space) that can get you there in 5 minutes, and 5 gallons of petrol. This is not a necessity but one could even “sponsor” a contact at the Fire Station; this person should be met say once a month just to say “hi” to them, preferably middle of the month when their salary is exhausted and the new salary is yet to come. This contact person would be efficient as long he is greased properly.

Why all this talk about Fire Fighters?! we are being pragmatic. Fire Fighting lies in the realm of fantasy, within the boundaries of this fantastic nation. Fire incidences are not that significant anyway. For every incident of fire, there are 20 of domestic armed robbery. Domestic indeed. Ehem… don’t quote me on that statistic. The main proposal of this post is that we should have a drill for residential armed robberies; later on we could have one for highway armed robbery. I am perfectly sane and I know what I am saying; in fact this is not really my idea so if anyone is crazy, it is not me. What could possibly be done in an armed robbery drill? How would it happen? How could this be of any help in the case of a real robbery? Why on earth are you reading this rubbish up to this point?

What do Fire Fighters and Armed Robbers have in common?… Both are good at breaking doors, unless they are lousy at their professions

I suggest you think it up and make suggestions. I have my ideas on how it should go… so stay tuned to find answers to all of this 🙂 Better yet, send me yours before the sequel.


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