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Ballad for the Dead – By The Peace Seeking Anarchist

God have mercy on their souls. The murdered… and the murderers. This is no mistake, I pray for their souls as well because the evil I wish on them makes the seventh circle of Dante’s Inferno seem like vacation. It belongs to the unsaid of scriptural accounts of hell. God is just and it is for God to deal with their souls. I ask only one thing; let us deal with their bodies. The weight of praying for their souls is lightened by lofty ambitions to deal with their bodies, an idea that regained its lustre in light of their recent attacks. Know that I remain a sceptic of the conspiracy theories that abound these murders, not because there is no basis for there is, but because neither conspiracy theories nor any academic institutional analysis can serve my purpose at this point. I am not jumping the gun here when I claim this purpose because I have not yet suffered directly from their attacks. My limbs are intact, my nuclear family and family friends have been spared murder by what seems increasingly statistical fortune. Though my extended family and the family of my family friends have suffered directly by what seems increasingly statistical misfortune. But the gods of statistics are not just. God is. God shall deal with their souls, let us deal with their bodies.


Sorrow, then hope, and finally cynicism… Death came with these three. Sorrow. It was reported that over 120 people were murdered, but I was told over 500. Minus 120 people in Kano families, plus 120 people to the daily statistic of deaths in Kano; a minus and a plus but conclusively negative. Then Hope. On the same day, attacks were foiled by stopping and apprehending at least 5 attackers; one was at the hospital treating survivors of the first attack because they wanted to finish what they started. We should also finish what we started. Security is sought in anarchism! Finally Cynicism. The 5 apprehended were all lynched; that is the summary. In two words, Summary Killings. One is reported to be lost to the black hole called Security Services. We are back to where we started. Many injured, between 120 to 500 murdered, 1 attack, 5 killed, 1 foiled attack… conclusion is: we have no idea when the next attack may be, no idea by whom. So when I received a forwarded message seeking my forgiveness because the senders know they may be killed anytime now, any place, now… I didn’t reply. I can forgive deeds done to me, but I won’t forgive giving up, not yet. I don’t think God would in this case either, but God decides how to deal with souls. God shall deal with their souls, let us deal with their bodies.


Ever since the civilian JTF were made brothers in arms to the rogue JTF, security was found in anarchy. Lynching reign aka Civilian Execution. I don’t forgive giving-up, neither do the murderers apparently. Why else would they seek to attack the hospital treating the wounded but to finish what they started? That is why we must also finish what we started by going from Civilian Execution to Civilian Inquisition; the complete security package of anarchy. Whether it be worse than the Spanish Inquisition, let historians keep the data and compare. When Voltaire argued that torture was not effective in determining truth, I wasn’t there. Geneva Convention on how to treat foiled and repelled attackers… is well really just another convention. For an unidentifiable combatant is no soldier but an assassin, their identities must be unmasked before war is established; then war ethics can be applied. As long as rubber tires scrub these tarred roads, Nigeria is some distance from that future where foiled attackers would not be lynched; burnt in a blazing ring of rubbery fire. Until we walk to that promise land, I say we interrogate them… first; torture if you have to but with skill. With 5 captured attackers, interrogated skilfully, a success rate of 40 percent means 2 out of 5 would have provided us information. By us I don’t mean the Security Forces, I mean we the sitting ducks, the newly discovered Forces of Security. God shall judge our necessary evil. God shall deal with their souls, but oh God, let us deal with their bodies.


I admit these words erupt in rage, but I dare say there is evidence of outrage. So do not seek to patronise me by saying my proposal is outrageous. It is neither courageous, nor religious, but it may be called tactical, cold, desperate, probable and these would be right. It may be called savage, lawless and primitive and I hope they find more negative words for at least their vocabulary would have improved, by the time our security improves. This is no complex political theory but if it were a doctrine it would be anarchism, with a heavy dose of activism, a fanatic sanctification of life, a crowd-sourced intelligence to uncover the killers. We have been agonising, let us begin organising, so they might be agonising. This is the time for action, better be anarchistic than anachronistic. God shall deal with their souls, let us deal with their bodies.


Signed: The Peace Seeking Anarchist


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