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How Bad is Arab?

First listen to the skit below from Low-Key‘s album “Soundtrack to the Struggle“. (Wait for it to load by pausing if you have a slow connection, its short)

The clip is basically talking about Senator McCain who responded to a concerned woman by implying that “Arab” and
“Good-person” cannot coexist as features of a single human being.

Now listen to it the second time but this time  focus on the audience response.

The first 25 seconds: the audience dont seem to understand what why the sentence “he is not an Arab, he is a good man” is absurd or funny.

Second 25 to second 30: the speaker now substitutes the word “Arab” with “Jew” and now the audience see the absurdity in the statement.

I can’t see the audience so I can’t tell their response by looking at them but based on the audio, it makes you wonder how many people unconsciously equate Arab = Bad in their heads; it had to be that for one paying attention not to see the absurdity in the statement until it is expounded.



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