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Honesty in Electronics Commercials

With consumer products, who cares about the functionality these days. Especially since it’s become easier to replicate products. The bulk of the marketting and cost (yes, you pay for it) going in to branding is pushing companies to play a little dirty to get a bigger share of the market. The one I’m thinking of is selling products through sex.
Recently, there have been a couple of Volkswagen adverts that is basically inciting sexual feelings and just when you start thinking (or not thinking) what is this about, Volkswagen logo is slapped in your face thereby imprinting the equation “sex=Volkswage=good for you”.

This morning I heard a Nokia advert on the radio which goes on and on about a new “sexy” nokia phone. After stuffing the listener with how sexy the phone is, it ends with a woman saying “did I tell you it (she) is sexy?”. It is interesting that rather than having the woman’s voice as the phone inviting sexual attention, a third-person (woman) is pointing you to the phone. This is an honest depiction resembling the devil on your shoulder whispering to your ear. Obviously, it is reenforcing the stereotype of a sex-hungry man.
Like serendipity, I came across this article that expresses indignation at the ubiquituous and expedient use of “sexy” by electronics manufacturers and reviewers. The article goes on to which electronic devices can be sexy in their defence of which should not. Given their audience, does that imply that nerdy = pervy? The article is basically a call for a revolution to the use of that misused word.


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