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Getting Under the Lid: How a pop-corn pops

With technology improving, most users of these technologies are finding it easier to use. Take the first (Ford) cars invented and compare to a 2010 Ford. More recent, take a command-line computer and compare to your flashy window-based computers that allow you to view websites on browsers; it used to take researchers to use a PC now many users dont even know what a web browser is but they can facebook the hell out of it. Thanks to the HCI and Design guys making computers and equipment simpler to use.

All was going smooth, down the easy slope till this guys Nathan Myhrvold came along. I guess for the geeks, he is a saviour who is bringing an end to the tyranny of boredom in everyday activities. He was a Microsoft Chief Technology Officer who got bored and decided to venture in to the world of cooking. To give you a heads up, he founded Microsoft Research; he is the sciency type.

Traditional cookbooks get better Marketing when the cook’s got the charisma or the cook claims it was a recipe from their ancestors. I am pretty sure that even if your grandmum knows calculus, she left it outside the kitchen. charisma, on the other hand, will more probably reduce as you learn more calculus than to improve. Nathan Myhrvold Defies all these conventions.

Nathan Myhrvold, and his team, took upon themselves to create (not write) a cookbook that was decorated with heat equations of physics, calculus, graphs, chemistry of acidity, physics of materials and state of the art machine workshop (watch video below to understand), among other things. The best part is when all these come together with actual cooking instructions, it forms a work of art.

And they used a high speed camera too; no special effects can beat that. See how a pop corn pop in the video below.




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