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Keeping it Real in Psychology

Keeping it Real

Keep it Real! you can find it on posters and banners along side “Life is too short, Enjoy it!”. It is the greeting you will want to receive from a Hip Hop fan. It is the best goodbye and sometimes comes as the alias “Stay Real”. It feels good to be acknowledged as being “Real” and then being encouraged to continue.

“Keep it Real” is arguably the most popular phrase in rap. Yet its meaning is so diverse that it can mean almost anything. The “Conscious Rappers” like Mosdef and Common tell us to keep it real. At the same time, the “Gangster Rappers” like Tech 9 tell us the same. The “Grimy Rappers” like Ol’ dirty bastard and RA tell us they keep it real. Does it still have any meaning left? its easier to say what it is not, rather than what it is. For the sake of this post, lets use one if foremost meanings: Excellence.

The next popular phrase in rap is “faking”. that is the opposite of “keeping it real”

…in Psychology

According to Derek Sivers, studies have shown that keeping your goals to your self highly improves the chance that you will achieve those goals. It was tested on two groups of people; first group were told to announce their commitments and the second group were told to keep it to themselves. People from the second group spent more time on trying to achieve their goals, even if it was not achieved in the end. The reason the first group slacked in their effort is that by telling others of their goals, they received accolades, in form of enzymes to their brains (I suppose) which made them feel good. Whereas the second group is working hard to receive their accolades when they achieve their goals.

Surely, this may not be true to all goals but it is an important discovery. The brains of people in the first group are tricked in to thinking they have achieved their goals… illusion, fake!

If you want to keep it real, you will do away with all the “fake” accolades that you get by bragging about your goals. You wait for the REAL accolade that you get when you do achieve your goal. Delaying gratification.

Keep it Real Y’all! Coming soon, is the second part of the Keep it Real series


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